The world of orthodontics is undergoing a very positive change. A field of dentistry that was always associated with our youngest patients to correct the development of their teeth during growth. Year by year the association of orthodontics with youth has changed to such an extent that many adults visit dental clinics like Calidental, where our team of professionals study each individual case to help improve their smile.

Through this treatment spectacular results have been achieved, such as good coordination, location and alignment of dentomaxillofacial structures using force methods, and therefore avoiding future discomfort and ensuring oral health. In addition, you can achieve the perfect aesthetic result which will give your patient a higher quality of life.

Orthodontics with Braces

Depending on the preliminary consultation results, the orthodontist will determine what type of treatment is most favourable for the patient. Braces, i.e. the conventional orthodontic treatment (using the Damon System) may be recommended.

Orthopaedic Orthodontics

DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPAEDICS is a very interesting option for your child as it prevents or avoids the development of dental problems in adulthood. The treatment helps modify facial growth while the child is still growing using next-generation orthopaedic devices.

Invisible orthodontics

Learn about the many benefits of this new treatment. Calidental is a certified centre and an Invisalign Provider.