Dr. Cristina García Tena has a degree in Dentistry from the University of Seville (2009-2014) and subsequently expanded her knowledge by completing the Diploma of “Specialization in Periodontics and Implantology” (2014-2015), which was a component of the Guarantee commission Quality of the Own Title. His training has been complemented with two University Masters:
MASTER OF PERIODONTICS AND IMPLANTOLOGY, University of Seville (2016-2018)
In addition, she has the title of “Director of Radiodiagnosis Facilities”, issued by the Nuclear Safety Council, and is an active member of the Spanish Society of Periodontics (SEPA).
This clinical experience has been complemented with first level training, carrying out various specialization congresses, where he has collaborated with posters and research communications on the subject, stating here the most relevant:

– Clinical poster: “Treatment of recessions after orthodontic treatment, series of clinical cases, SEPA VALENCIA 2019” and poster collaboration: “Rehabilitation with BOPT carving on periodontally compromised teeth”.
– Clinical oral communication, with a prize option: Application of minimally invasive tissue regeneration techniques in the treatment of periimplantitis SEPA SEVILLA 2018 “and collaboration in oral communication” Trimodal approach in the previous sector: Clinical results “.
– Poster with option to prize entitled: Surgical approaches in the treatment of peri-implant bone defects. “SEPA VALLADOLID 2017”.
– Poster with option to prize entitled: Treatment of bone defects in class II furrows with Emdogain® “SEPA MALAGA 2017”; and poster collaboration, “New membrane fixation technique for regeneration”.
– Poster titled: Assessment of the results obtained in patients treated with juxtaoseus vs supracrestal implants. “SEPA YOUNG BARCELONA 2016”.

His experience and knowledge puts him into practice using avant-garde periodontal materials and techniques to offer patients an efficient periodontal treatment, which is why he is the Head of the Periodontics Area in Calidental.