Dr. Alberto González García

Dr. Alberto Gónzalez (Sevilla 1980) graduated from the University of Seville and obtained the Master’s Degree in Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Oral Implantology (408 CTS) at the University of Santiago de Compostela, with hospital rotations in the Surgery service Maxilofacial of that city and whose 3-year teaching program of exclusive dedication, consisted of more official credits than the previous degree itself. He obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies and subsequently obtained the title of Doctor “cum laude” at the same university in 2010, with a work on advanced bone regeneration techniques in the field of dental implantology.

He has published numerous scientific articles in the most prestigious journals of Oral Surgery and Implantology at the national and international impact level: European Journal of Oral Implantology (EJOI) / International Journal of Oral Implantology (JOMI) / Journal of Oral Diseases / Journal of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology and Endodontics / Journal of Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Surgery / International Journal of Stomatological Prosthesis / Periodontics and Orteointegration / Maxillaris, etc. He is also an active member of the Spanish Society of Oral Surgery and the Spanish Society of Oral Medicine.

At present and for a few years now he develops his teaching activity as a professor of several postgraduate degrees, both at the University of Santiago and at the University of Seville. He completes his professional practice as a lecturer in different congresses, symposiums and private courses, as well as scientific advisor for the industry of the sector. In Calidental we offer private training through our Clinical Stays, where clinicians from all over the country come to our center to be trained in the latest treatments using implants and prostheses screwed with the doctor and his clinical team.

Focused from his beginnings in private practice in Oral Surgery and Impantology, Dr. Gónzalez García is a highly qualified professional with great experience in his area of ​​knowledge so the patient has to know that he is in “good hands” before any implant surgery or wisdom tooth extraction. The truth is that they are delicate treatments and can only be performed correctly with the confidence of a good professional.

But more important than all this training is that Dr. González, together with Dr. Pérez, have consolidated a clinic where the quality of treatments and the quality of human treatment were the highest priority. This is the idea with which it arises and where CALIDENTAL is founded. And after all these years of work we can ensure that we have achieved it and that we will remain committed to the oral health of our patients.