Invisible orthodontics

Invisalign is the latest in invisible orthodontics. It is a type of orthodontics based on the correction of the position of the teeth with transparent covers or “aligners”, removable and comfortable, which you can wear without anyone noticing. With Invisalign forget about the uncomfortable metal brackets.

The orthodontic treatment must be adjusted to your case. In CALIDENTAL we are experts in invisible orthodontics, so we offer you an initial assessment to determine if the Invisalign orthodontics is the one that best suits you. Once the diagnosis is made, we inform you about the duration and price of your treatment. With this invisible orthodontics, the straightening of the teeth will be more comfortable, more hygienic, faster and more aesthetic. You can also preview that aesthetic result with your orthodontist before you start.

Calidental is a certified Invisalign Provider center with the Platinum category, that is, one of the reference centers in invisible orthodontics in the province of Seville. In addition to this, we have the iTero system (iTero Elements 2) that allows us to approach orthodontic treatments in a 100% digital way.

Our Doctor

Dr. Pía Rodríguez López-Cortijo (Col. 2352) accumulates a great experience and has managed to be Invisalign Provider Platinium(R), works exclusively for Calidental and directs all orthodontic treatments, which as a multidisciplinary approach go hand in hand with the Dental Esthetics.