Dental implants have become the most recommended treatment to replace a lost tooth or one that has been removed due to disease or decay.

YES, there is always a possible treatment option. Even if you had the tooth removed years ago or have been told that there is a small amount of bone to support your implant.

A DENTAL IMPLANT is a treatment that is carried out in our clinic WITHOUT PAIN, in a simple way and with excellent functional and aesthetic results.

Immediate post-extraction implant with immediate loading

We extract the tooth and then load the dental implant on the same day, considerably reducing treatment time and avoiding altering the shape of the gum.

Zirconium Prosthesis

For cases with special aesthetic requirement, necessary when operating on the anterior teeth, we use zirconia crowns (added to both the implant and tooth), which makes the added tooth indistinguishable from its neighbour.

CAD-CAM system

We are pioneers in using computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing since the precision required for prosthesis on dental implants can only be achieved by using a computerised and robotic system.

Our Doctor

At Calidental we offer all dental implant treatments that currently exist, from the simplest to the most complex. Dr Alberto Gónzalez dedicates himself exclusively to these treatments and actively researches them so he can offer treatments with guarantee and experience. The treatment we carry out with the best long term results is the replacement of dental pieces by means of osseointegrated implants.

Do you want to see how our Doctor works?

Explicación y testimonio de un tratamiento con implantes.